About the work

Untitled (I am beside myself) is one of a series of drawings of metaphors which conflate physical and mental states and which speak directly to the physical presence of the viewer. There are two voices at work; the one represented by the familiar, authoritative Times New Roman typeface and the other by the more anxious, scattered measurements and corrections with which it has been built.

About the artist

Following a 20-year career as a manager in the UK health service, Liz returned to education to study fine art, graduating in 2007 with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking from the Royal College of Art. Her prints, drawings and installations interrogate the appearance and content of language, often at the point where text and image converge and destabilise meaning. A site-specific piece was commissioned in 2012 by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and is held as a permanent installation. Works are also held in the collections of the British Museum, in the International Text Archive at Bury Museum and Art Gallery, and in Portugal’s National Library. Her work is included in a number of publications including those developed from the International Text Festivals held in Bury, Greater Manchester. Her work has been shown widely in the UK and abroad. Her current interest is in reworking women’s scientific writing to generate new texts. Liz lives and works in London.